Before you read my reflection, look at the my artwork first-it’s a golden eagle.


Now you can look at my reflection!

What worked well?

The background really made the golden eagle stand out.

How does this piece make me feel?

It makes me feel creative.

What was hard to do?

Making the wing stand out.

What was the most imaginative part about your piece?

I think it was the background. It came to me in sort of an accident. So I was searching for white watercolour but there wasn’t any left so I searched for a replacement. Then I realized that silver would really sparkle, so I used silver!

What materials did you use?

I used paintbrushes, palettes, a whiteout pen, a black Sharpie, watercolour and acrylic paint.

What wasn’t good?

I don’t think I created the pointillism effect so well.

What did you do step by step?

First we chose a good high resolution photo of a selected animal, plant or item that meant something personal to ourselves. The we used the round eraser end of a pencil to create dots, referring to the pointillism affect. Then we outlined the parts that we wanted to by dotting a line with a black Sharpie.

What type of thinking is needed to create this painting?

You need to think about what colour mixes really well with other colours.

What did you think of my artwork? Please comment!