Hi peeps! (Adventure Time talk)

So recently in class we had a new read aloud book. As you guessed, (because of the title of this post) we read Because of Winn Dixie, a book by famous kid’s book author Kate DicaMillo and a book that a lot of you might’ve read. It’s about a girl named India who finds a dog in a grocery store called Winn-Dixie. In order to save the poor stray from the mean grocery store owner, India lies and explains that the dog is hers. So she takes the dog, in which she has named Winn-Dixie (because of the encounter), to show her divorced father (and local preacher) and attempt to persuade him to let him keep the dog. Winn-Dixie has a funny talent, which is that he can “smile” by showing his teeth in a friendly manner. This helps not only him, but India too, to help make friends and cope to the new town that India moved into. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a friendly, peaceful and fun story. We each made a Poplet for the book. Here is mine below. Picture Credit