Howdy, partner!

It’s that time again! Math reflection time! In unit 6, we learned about making stem-and-leaf plots (which I got an exemplary on), find common denominators, and add and subtract fractions with different denominators. I here, got 4 approaching’s, 1 exemplary and all other 11 grades were proficient (which meant I hit the expectations). Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators turned out to be easy to me even though it was new, as I received a proficient on it. What I expected in this unit’s grades were at least 6 approaching’s, as this unit was hard for me during class and homework. I suppose that I overestimated this unit, and if I concentrate well enough, my abilities might as well be far beyond my expectations! However, I did have problems estimating fraction sums, and my goal for double-checking needs to kick in again.

See you next time,