Day: March 12, 2015

Princess Diana M&S Project

Hi there!

Recently in class we have been working on a project called Movers&Shakers. It is about you choosing someone you would like to research, then by impersonating your person, explain why you are a mover/shaker via a video that’s less than 5 minutes. I researched Princess Diana, aka Diana Spencer, and yes, I had to impersonate her through the use of an old wig (and that’s only the beginning: someone even offered lip gloss!). This video was made and published with the use of two apps: iMovie and a little known but better than iMovie app called Touchcast. The video itself is published onto YouTube, and below is the video. To me and the rest of my (intriguingly amused) classmates, the video is really worth watching!




Okay, I know how I haven’t been writing much lately, but that’s because I’ve been working on a project in Minecraft for myself lately. This is a situation like in Detective Conan where Shinchi (as Conan) lies to Ran about working on a case to keep her from getting worried. Just except that’s I’m not lying. Oh well, sorry! But I promise you that screen shots of my big project will be posted for you once it’s done! I promise!

Searching for forgiveness,

Loring The Folder+Minecrafter

P.S. This is something that will make you happy if you’re playing Minecraft PE: A big new update, 0.11 is coming out on March 18, 2015 American time! This giant update will feature boats (STOOKY!), the ability to fish (TOTAL STOOKINESS), skins (PLAIN AWESOME!), bats&cave spiders (FIZZPOP WAFFLES!), and the ability to change a world between survival mode and creative mode (PLASTIC DINOSAURS!)!!! I think there will be other features too! For more information on the 0.11 update, click here

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