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Just today, we finished a wonderful book called Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nimh. The book is about a family of mice and their connection to the rats of Nimh. Mrs. Frisby’so husband, Jonathan Frisby, has recently died, leaving Mrs. Frisby with her four children, Melissa, Martin, Teresa, and the youngest, Timothy. Some of you might have read this book which was published quite a while ago. This story is about Timothy getting sick, and moving day. Moving Day happens when the farmer plows the land where Mrs. Frisby and her family lives. Throughout this book, Mrs. Frisby will discover the story of The Rats of Nimh, the truth about her husband, some more friends (and fiends), and one heck of a adventure! I think that this book is a good one, though parts of it is sad and the ending (in my personal opinion) is quite disappointing.

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