Doodling: A Basic Guide

By Loring
May 26, 2016

For most doodlers, doodling is like any sport: easy to learn, hard to master. A lot of times you are trying to doodle, but you just cannot think of what to doodle. Or maybe you forgot your pen. Perhaps you are out of ideas. Maybe those eyes don’t look right. All these problems are faced at a regular basis, even by the most “experienced” doodlers. So I have put together a guide from the Internet and from my personal experiences. You are welcome to doodle on this piece of paper as you read.

Step 1

Find your materials for doodling. This will include a pen or a pencil, and just any type of paper, even this one. Notice how I didn’t mention erasers. Don’t regret your mistakes. Improvise, and in fact, I strongly urge you to doodle with a pen then with a pencil. This is because using a pen will generate a mindset where you know you can’t erase anything. And don’t use whiteout either, you traitor!

Step 2

Pick the right time. Any time you are bored and have the materials listed above, you can doodle! But be careful, because despite some famous companies like Dell encourage their employees to doodle because of the psychological benefits, most managers and teachers don’t like it when their student and employees doodle during working times.

Step 3

Finding inspiration is actually the easiest, yet hardest part of doodling. My advice is to listen to music while doing this, and doodle what you hear from the lyrics or what setting you think the music is telling you. For example, if the lyrics depict people on a boulevard, doodle it! Add your own humorous styles! Another way you can do this is to doodle your surroundings and add your own creative twist! Some people say that art is a gift, or a talent. These people are wrong. Why? Because you just read about how to doodle, and now you can doodle your way around boring times as an amateur doodler!