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Okay, I know how I haven’t been writing much lately, but that’s because I’ve been working on a project in Minecraft for myself lately. This is a situation like in Detective Conan where Shinchi (as Conan) lies to Ran about working on a case to keep her from getting worried. Just except that’s I’m not lying. Oh well, sorry! But I promise you that screen shots of my big project will be posted for you once it’s done! I promise!

Searching for forgiveness,

Loring The Folder+Minecrafter

P.S. This is something that will make you happy if you’re playing Minecraft PE: A big new update, 0.11 is coming out on March 18, 2015 American time! This giant update will feature boats (STOOKY!), the ability to fish (TOTAL STOOKINESS), skins (PLAIN AWESOME!), bats&cave spiders (FIZZPOP WAFFLES!), and the ability to change a world between survival mode and creative mode (PLASTIC DINOSAURS!)!!! I think there will be other features too! For more information on the 0.11 update, click here

Loring’s Star Wars Info

Hi Star Wars Fans/Superfolders,

Now that you know that I’m into Star Wars now, you might want to know about my Star Wars Favs and dislikes etc. So here it is!

Favourite Character: Kit Fisto
Favourite Star Wars Movie: Star Wars Episode VII(six): Return of the Jedi
Favourite Star Wars Jedi: Kit Fisto
Favourite Bounty Hunter: Zam Wesel
Favourite Sith: Count Dooku (also known as Darth Tyranis)
Favourite Battle: Battle of Coruscant
Favourite Lightsaber Colour: Green
Least Favourite Character: Commander Gree
Least Favourite Jedi: I don’t have one
Least Favourite Bounty Hunter: Ponda Baba
Least Favourite Sith: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
Least Favourite Battle: Duel of Mustafar
Least Favourute Lightsaber Colour: I don’t have one


Happy blogging,

P.S. What are your favourite and least favourite Star Wars stuff? Tell me by commenting!

I’m Back! (With All My Best Origami!)

Alright, alright, I know how I haven’t been doing much on this blog since forth grade. But that doesn’t matter anymore!
You may have noticed how I changed the title of the blog-for a reason of course! I’m now into origami AND Star Wars! And what do you get when you add them togheter? Star Wars Origami! (Aka Doodle-gami, since you doodle on them. My doodles are super stooky!)
Here are all my best origami. R2 got carried of by Jawas again! (As in a New Hope)


Student Blogging Challenge Nominations

Hey bloggers (commenters, too),
I am nominating Aaron’s blog because of the following reasons:

-He is my best friend. (Okay, fine. This doesn’t count.)

-He describes his feelings through his posts.

-He has a plain and easy format, which makes things easy to find.

-He has a mixture of videos and photos throughout his blog.

-He can describe his details simple yet well.

Overall, I personally think that Aaron has a fairly well blog.

My Best Blog Post (So Far- I’m no Fortune Teller)

So, as a foreword, I’m going to say that this will be an hard decision, as I am judging between a fierce tie between the David Livingstone post and My Favourite Books 4 Trimester 1 post. But finally, I’ve made my decision as judge. And the winner is…

My Favourite Books 4 Trimester 1!


Here is part of my post, if you haven”t read it already:

I like the book NGK 2014 Almanac because:
It tells me facts about what’s going to happen in 2014,exploring,animals,nature,culture,science(scream YAY!),being green(the environment,not the colour! I do NOT want to be looking green!),history and geography.

This post is about what my favourite books are for the first trimester. I included humour to keep my readers interested, and most of my sentences talked about what’s in the book or why I like this book.

An Explanation About Quality Posts:
For me, an quality post needs to have things to keep the reader interested. Quality posts have detail to the topic and also have good punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Quality posts should encourage readers to comment or start an conversation about. If the post is an persuading post, then the author should give great reasons to let the reader think that way.

In the future, I would take more notice on editing in grammar, not that I’m bad at it it’s just that sometimes I get a little suspicious about my grammar. And I also need to think more about my using of the a’s and an’s, since Ms. Walsh checks through it and usually finds something wrong.

Link to my best post so far



New Blog Theme

Sorry… But in the last blog theme I couldn’t figure out how you change an page. So sorry if you liked the last theme ’cause now I changed it to BlackLetter Head.


New Theme

Hi, Bloggers!
Today,I changed the theme for our blog. I hope you like it!


P.S. The new theme is called BlackMagik!



Do you see that little square under the BrainPop shortcut? Click on it and you’ll go to an site called ClusterMaps where you can see where people from all over the world can see our (my) blog! (Please note that this will take you to another website.)

For Those In Vietnam

Hi Evan!
This is an quick self introduction to me. I love science! Do you like science? It’s totally cool! I forgot to add in that my birthday is on July 20,2004,but hope you enjoy it anyways. How do you like my blog? Enjoy! (I’m a bit weird and humorous by the way. Are you like me?)

P.S. I’m also VERY smart and I once even got five EXCELLENT on my report card in science! And do you read the book series, The 39 Clues? It’s my favourite book series! Do you know National Geographic and how bad is the typhoon there?


Dear Reader,
Please read this post before you comment on any post.If you are going to type an comment on this blog than please,please try follow these rules or else I will not approve it:

Spelling: If you are not good in spelling than maybe misspell some words but please do not mispell too many words!
Punctuation: Please add periods,commas,question marks,exclamation marks and apostrophes. But not too much! If you want to show something very exciting,use words,not punctuation!
Sense: Make sense! Don’t type in another language that not everybody understands! Don’t type like c u later and stuff.
Friendly Letter: Typing in the Friendly Letter way is much better than typing as if your typing on an sticky note. So be friendly about your comments!
Relevant: Nobody(except for an weirdo)would want to read very boring and unimportant stuff so,be sure to make your comments related to your post and also make it interesting! It is NOT an good idea to start typing comments like hbdewegh4767:37!hjfe which is definitely boring,rude,unimportant,useless and not related to the post unless if you are giving examples for an boring comment. (Which I will not approve.)
Here are the five most important things that I would like to see in our comments:
Almost All Correct Spelling:It is best to keep our comments full with correct spelling and words that everyone can read so this blog can be more popular.
Matching Post: Please don’t type an comment about running machines on a post about losing a tooth. (Unless if you lost an tooth on an running machine.)Nobody would read that,right? So make your comments relevant and related to the post.
Capital Letters: It is rude to write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT SHOWS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING so if you want to show something important,make your words bold or just capitalize some,but not most of your words. Also know when to add an capital letter,too. The same thing goes for posts,too.
Compliments: Type nice things and treat other how you would want to be treated. So DON’T type in rude,inappropriate,meaningless and hurtful words. If you want to point something out to the person who typed the post,do it in an nice way like: Dear Margret, I think you maybe misspelled because into becase. Maybe you can change it later? From,Elizabeth. And not in an way like: Dear Misspelling Margret, I really think that you are very bad in spelling because you spelled your stupid because into becase which indicates that you are very dumb. Stop misspelling! From, The Super Duper Spelling Queen, Elizabeth. Which is also Super Duper RUDE Rude Elizabeth!
Names: If you want to type in somebody’s name,try not to really type that name in. If you just really want to type it in,ask that person first! If they say no,than it’s a no. If that person says yes,than it’s a yes. And also DON’T type in full names!




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