Unit 5 Math Reflection


Just recently we finished Unit 5 of Math. It was mostly about fractions, percents, and a bit further understanding of decimals. I think that I have grown in drawing charts, measuring charts, and understanding the words. I only got three approaching’s! Sometimes I just get lazy and write a answer-that-could’ve been better. Math has never been my subject, but I think that I have improved a lot and shown the best of my in this unit. Yay!


Because of Winn-Dixie

Hi peeps! (Adventure Time talk)

So recently in class we had a new read aloud book. As you guessed, (because of the title of this post) we read Because of Winn Dixie, a book by famous kid’s book author Kate DicaMillo and a book that a lot of you might’ve read. It’s about a girl named India who finds a dog in a grocery store called Winn-Dixie. In order to save the poor stray from the mean grocery store owner, India lies and explains that the dog is hers. So she takes the dog, in which she has named Winn-Dixie (because of the encounter), to show her divorced father (and local preacher) and attempt to persuade him to let him keep the dog. Winn-Dixie has a funny talent, which is that he can “smile” by showing his teeth in a friendly manner. This helps not only him, but India too, to help make friends and cope to the new town that India moved into. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a friendly, peaceful and fun story. We each made a Poplet for the book. Here is mine below. Picture Credit




Creative Problem Solving Hour

Hi there!

Today we had a activity called the Creative Problem Solving Hour. It was about how you have a basket full of items, then you and your team (in which case for me was with Will, Ella, and Alan) make up a challenge for yourself. For our team, we chose to make a model airplane. We used a soda can, a lot of fat popsicle sticks, a Tee Pee tube, and a bunch of cards. Will wanted to make a Boeing 777, and we didn’t object. It worked out pretty well, except for the fact that it looked a little short.


Unit 4 Math Reflection


Okay, I know. Writing school stuff like these are boring. But what could I do?! It’s a school blog!

This math unit was about division. I got one excellent, some proficients and a few approaching’s. It was challenging for me at times.

I did excellent in using the partial-quotients division method, but I need more help in dividing decimals and using friendly number strategies. I’m okay when it comes to making reasonable magnitude estimates. Sometimes it might be challenging, but I guess that most of the time I’m good with this skill.


Reflection On Hour of Code!

Hi there!

You know hour of code? Well, yesterday we did it! Here is my reflection!


We all had fun in this hour (except Gregg because (removed for spoiler reasons)). My highlight in this hour was when I was playing the app Hakitzu. I ripped Gregg’s codewalker’s arm off and then I sliced it’s head open with its own arm! I was really proud that I coded all that! What’s more, I did the same to his other codewalker! I think that coding is very beneficial for us and will get us very high-paying jobs even though it’s hard and brain aching.

PE Gymnastics Reflection


In PE this semester we had a gymnastics unit. I am choosing to reflect on my vaulting skills. I am excited about vaulting because my skill level has improved. Here’s the video:

My Vaulting Video (It’s different from what you think it is)

I was worried about twisting my neck because then I would end up in the emergency room. I need to know how to keep my body in a straight line so I won’t fall off the mat, and in order to do this, I can ask a coach to look at my video and tell my what I need to do. I suggest myself to remind myself what my coach has taught me before attempting to vault. I asked my coach how to do this, and he told me that I should keep equal pressure on both arms. Thanks coach!

My Report on The Silk Road! (It’s in Chinese)








文化交流主要交流了音乐。基督教也从丝绸之路流行到了亚洲, 佛教也一样。文化交流也包括艺术和画。


我觉的丝绸之路是史上最伟大的时段之一。世界上的不同文化能终于交流和交换文化想法和他们不同的商品。 但这也不可能如果没有张骞的勇敢和决心!

20141209-095739.jpg Image from www.angelanealworld.com

I Am From…


What you just saw was my I Am From Poem that I wrote in class (and for homework too, unfortunately). What did you think of it? Please comment!

Unit 3 Math Reflection

(If you are actually interested in my grades, go ahead, read. If not, skip this post!)


So it’s been another math unit and we have to do another math test reflection again…

In this unit we learned about angles and geometry and a further review about rounding. I need some more help when comparing th he properties of polygons and seeing wether or not a number is divisible by a certain number. I do pretty well when recognizing different types of angles and drawing the types of triangles, but still need some help when double checking, reminding myself to not rush through this process. I’ve learned to estimate angles decently, and need more time understanding what congruent means.


What Is a SF?


See, ever since I started this “Origami Blogger” thing, I’ve been calling you SFs add a lot of you might be wondering, what’s an SF? Well, if you click the Origami Yoda. com shortcut, then you’ll find out that Tom Angleburger, the author of the Origami Yoda book series(which I highly recommend and love since it has origami instructions inside) also calls everyone ” SFs”. SFs stand for SuperFolders (one word) since some people who is reading the instrux actually fold. And by the way, SW Fans stands for Star Wars Fans.

Happy folding,

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