Stability and Change

After I researched about mutation, I learned that mutations can happen during crossover by addition, deletion, inversion and transaction. Addition of chromosome is a section of DNA repeated. Deletion is a section of chromosome is missing or deleted. Inversion is a section of DNA inverse, and translation is DNA placed in different location. Mutation can have positive impact, neutral impact or negative impact.  I believe that through research about mutation, I was able to learn both what happens when order of DNA is normal, and when mutation occurs.

This semester, I also learned about heredity. Person’s gene has both are dominant and recessive allele. Some alleles show up, but some of them doesn’t. In tiger breeding game, recessive allele ‘d’ was  disease resistant. When I bred tigers, I could get 4 possibilities. When there was both recessive allele, the allele became phenotype, and the tiger was disease resistant. From this activity, I was able to learn what happens when recessive allele becomes phenotype. I was also able to learn what happens when dominant allele becomes phenotype.

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