Application of Knowledge

Eniviormental v.s. Genetics essay – Cancer

For this essay I show how I applied my knowledge by taking what I had research, asked questions about the research to make sure I fully understood and applied it into the essay. I always ask questions to make I understand what I write about and can add onto the ideas. For this project I had to argue weather cancer was caused genetically or was caused based around the environment you are surrounded by. ┬áBased off of the research I had realized it was both and applied that into my work. ┬áMost of the research showed that cancer was caused environmentally and that is why the majority of my paragraphs defend the fact that it is caused envormentally. In my second and third paragraph I explain about how the environmental factors have huge impacts on cancer. But both paragraphs are related to smoking which proves that the research that I put into my work clearly shows that it is by choice a lot of the times. But I did mention in my fourth paragraph that although cancer it’s self can be caused genetically, I explained very clearly that there are factors that can be passed on which can lead you to having cancer. My understanding was shown very clearly that the environmental factors are the major causes in the introduction, and I don’t complete go against my point by saying that things can be passed genetically because it it written in my introduction that I agree that certain things can be passed on.

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