5. Stability and Change

I was able to demonstrate my understanding on stability and Change in the DNA Basics project and the project on chromosomal disorders.




By researching about what happens when DNA works normally and what happens when it works abnormally, I was able to understand the effects of the DNA being stable, and of the DNA being abnormal because of the changes and errors that happen within the cell. This allowed me to clearly understand how stability and Change is shown when it comes to genetics (DNA).


I was also able to show my understanding on stability and Change while talking about mutations.

While researching about mutations in genes, I was able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of changes in genes. Since I also learned about what happens during meiosis and mitosis, while researching about mutation, I got a better understanding of how things sometimes do go wrong in the process. I think that this shows what I learned about stability and Change in this unit.

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