Chinese project interview

Evan: 你可以告诉我你最喜欢的中国节日吗?
Elisha: 我最喜欢中秋节,因为我们可以吃月饼,还可以看月亮。
Evan: 你为什么要看月亮?
Elisha: 因为月亮很圆很大,你还会看到兔子的影子呢!
Evan: 那你们还会玩什么其它的东西?
Elisha: 我最喜欢玩跳房子!
Evan: 哦,谢谢!

Evan: Can you tell me about your favorite Chinese festival?
Elisha: I like the Mid-Autumn festival, because we can eat moon cakes, you can also look at the moon.
Evan: Why do you want to look at the moon?
Elisha: Because the moon is round, you will see a rabbit’s shadow on the moon!
Evan: So what other things do you also play?
Elisha: I like to play “jumping house”!
Evan: Oh, thank you

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