Unit 1 Reflection

Man, it’s been busy since we started our first unit. I’m going to think back on what we learned in this first unit.
In math, we learned about decimal place value. Looking back, I was pretty good at adding and subtracting decimals with a place value chart. I guess I could have been better in remembering whether I need to move to the left or to the right when multiplying decimals on a place value chart.
In writing, we learned how to write narrative stories. Wow, my story sure turned out great! I think I’m good at describing a setting. I wish to work on character transformations in the future.
In reading, we learned about realistic fiction and the parts of a story. I’m great at identifying author’s craft techniques. I’m going to improve in providing evidence for themes.
In social studies, we worked on a Keynote about how to make a civilization. I think I had good information in the decline slide. I wish I had a bit more information in the environment and agriculture slide.
Wow, these five weeks were fun! I really enjoyed the Keynote project and the writing unit! What’s your favorite subject? Comment down below. ↓

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