Creating a Classroom Wiki

Wikis are a great way to take your class on-line and go paperless. SIS has its own wiki site and teachers are in the beginning stages of incorporating them into the classroom.  Some examples of how teachers are utilizing the wiki:

  • Leave lesson plan notes and assignments when you are going to be gone for the day.
  • Set-up reading groups and require reflections to the wiki after each class.
  • Put meeting notes  in one central location.
  • Have students collaborate to create an assignment with a rubric
  • Put class documents, links to student blogs and wikis, and course materials in one central place.

Some teachers at SIS have been using Wikspaces in the classroom for some time. Rebecca O’Brien and Dianna Beabout use a Wikispace for class homework and projects.

Ms. Beabout shares how she uses Wikispaces in the classroom and how it has been helpful in walking her students through the steps of a digital storytelling project:

Yoojin’s Final Digital Story completed step-by-step on Wikispaces.

~ Katie Kruse

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  1. Hi Katie

    This is a great way to showcase elearning! The video of Diana and a student is really effective. Thanks for keeping the sharing going!


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