Biome Projects on the iPad

Kristin Mikulka has been facilitating a biome project in her 6th grade science classes for several years. This year, the project was enhanced by the integration of iPads at SIS. The students were both creative and resourceful!

Here is Ms. Mikulka talking about the project:

In this video, Jamie Fraser talks about her experience with her project which was planned using Popplet (Jamie’s Popplet) and created in Educreations (Jamie’s final project).

One of the more challenging projects was undertaken by Jennie Guo who wanted to create a virtual museum that was sharable on the iPad. Here is Jennie explaining her Biome project which used Google Sketch-up and then the app Sight Space:

Other submission examples:

Moritz Friebe got creative with his project by incorporating drama and rap into an iMovie for his Biome project.

Terry Pi’s biome project on the wetland also used iMovie  and succeeded in informing while entertaining.

~ Katie Kruse



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