The iPad seemed like a toy to me…

When Liz Cho asked members of the Student Council about their iPad use, she never expected this.  A fantastic personal reflection from student Julie Kim.


“The iPad seemed like a toy to me, when I first received it from you near the Genius Bar.  I did not know what to do with it because to me, the iPad was just a game-playing machine.  But spending most of my time with it this year, I realized, no, the iPad is not a toy.  It is a learning tool that is very very essential for students.  It became a necessary part of my life that I cannot imagine myself without it around now.

As a treasurer in STUCO, the first app that I downloaded was called “Smart Budget”.  Although I had to download a sample version because the full version asked me to pay $2.99, it still helped me a lot in tracking down income and outcome of the STUCO budget.  At the beginning of the year, I calculated how much the original budget was, and inserted the number value in. Then whenever I added a new entry, the program just calculated the net budget automatically. For example, when I entered “Dry Ice for Haunted House” and “-$810”, it automatically showed me the date of entry along with the net budget value.  As I like organized and colorful stuff, this iPad app was a great tool for me to use as a STUCO treasurer.  With the support of this useful tool, I sometimes felt like I was doing nothing – iPad did all the calculations for me, and I just had to stare at the screen with all the numbers on. Which reduced my stress! I know machines are smarter than me, so I did not have to check for calculations over and over again.  I wonder how treasurers from previous STUCO years tracked their budget – did they do calculations using their brains and hands? If they did, I am so lucky to be the first treasurer who was able to utilize the technology.

As a member of STUCO, I used my iPad to research, look up for photos, visit STUCO website, take notes, take photos for various STUCO events and make memorable, fun videos using apps such as “VidRhythm”. Please check the attached photos – they were all taken using my iPad. As our aim this year was to leave behind “legacy”, taking photos for events were very important – and iPad helped me doing so as I carried it along with me for all the events.

Furthermore, as a 21st century student, I used my iPad in my other classes such as Chemistry and Biology. Mr. McElroy loves technology as we all know – and he suggested me to download some cool apps such as “Educreations”, “Aurasma” and “Calculator”. “iTunesU” was the application that Mr. Grezeszak loved the most and suggested all the Chemistry students to download, and he kept posting learning materials on there to help us to get prepared for the exam.

Thank you so much for requesting iPads for me and STUCO this year.  It really helped me to become a 21st century learner, and a leader.  Without your warm support and trust, I am sure we won’t have done this much.

P.S. Ask senior girls, especially Ji, how I have utilized iPad throughout this year for further evidence.

Ji even wrote a poem to me, saying: “A friend like you is a friend who utilizes iPad very productively”.. hahaha!”

Thank You!

Julie Kim

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