Documenting Plant Growth in the ECLC2 Garden

IMG_2965For ECLC2’s Garden Project, teacher Cheryl Uy’s students utilized the camera, a photo annotation app and a digital notebook on shared iPads to document their observations of their own plant in the classroom garden. The digital notebooks became a showcase of the students’ pre-literacy, pre-math (measurement & patterns) and observation skills. Cheryl shared that she choose the Paper Desk app for their digital notebooks because “it support our differentiated classroom. The children who are not ready to write/type use the audio function. They record their observations instead of writing.”

Cheryl’s class, the Super Dolphins, developed a routine to document the growth of their plants. Once a week, students would

> Measure the growth of their plant using pre-cut colored straws (to develop patterns).
> Take a photo of their plant with the iPad and then used a photo annotating app to add their name and the date to the photo.
> Open their individual digital notebook in Paper Desk and create a new page. Students then imported their photo into a new page in the notebook and then recorded information including the number of straws, patterns they used and number of leaves. Students could record the information using a stylus, the keyboard or an audio recording.

Cheryl remarked that students were eventually able to complete the tasks independently or with minimal support.

Check out the video below to see students in action!

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  1. Thank you for your article! I will share it with the Super Dolphins and their families! It was a wonderful project which will culminate with the harvesting of our vegetables next week and using them to make a Vegetable soup! Hope you can come. 🙂

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