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9th and 10th grade students have been busy this year!!!  Clayton Dowty’s English classes have written poems, short stories, graphic novels, book review, video essays and articles.  Although each of these assignments allowed students to demonstrate their creativity in different ways, it also taught the writing conventions used by each of these different genres.

Check out the 10th Grade Graphic Novels

Check out the 10th Grade Graphic Novels

When it came to writing and editing these different works, students were free to use their own applications to facilitate this process.  Some used video to show off their work, others used podcasts and audiobooks, while some chose to use their art skills to animate their own graphic novels.  The products were not only creative, but varied in their format. For their final project of the year, these students were asked to find a way to share out these prolific works.  They decided to create an online publishing forum. (This is a work in progress)

A message from the 9th and 10th graders:

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