Creating an iTunes U Course to Augment Classroom Activities


For the past two years Doug Grezeszak has been developing iTunes U courses to help deliver curriculum to his IB Chemistry students.  Although the ease of delivering this anytime, anywhere class has rested simply on the accessibility to iOS devices, the organization of these classes has evolved continuously as Doug worked through the process of aggregating resources and opening up his classes for true independently driven learning.  Although Doug and Lori are heading back to enjoy retirement, Doug is excited to keep connected with learning through writing more iTunes U courses.  If you have any questions, he’s definitely the one to get in touch with.  He’s been nice enough to create a short outline of how he organizes his Chemistry courses.  Thanks Doug, enjoy Florida!

“I usually don’t watch the videos, but I like having the reading for each topic organized” – Jessica P

“I like it, it helps me organize the information easier” – Rachel

“Everything is organized by benchmark, and all the resources for each benchmark are right there for you” – Josh R

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