Make Your Own Textbook


As soon as you decide to order a textbook it’s outdated and if you teach overseas, chances are it won’t arrive at the beginning of the school year. Furthermore, the interactive website that students are given a chance to access with the supplied textbook key is boring, dry, and subjective to where the book was printed.

So, why have students create their own textbook.

It’s actually really easy and this is why it’s necessary:

  • Teach how to assess information legitimacy through CAPOWing the source.
  • Collaborating by adding sources to the book, this could be contextual information(articles), videos and images.
  • Have others follow your book.
  • Have contributors and follows comment on articles in book.
  • Students can read and add articles from authors in different countries.

Expected Student Learning Results:

Global Citizen


Independent Learner


Complex Thinker



Through Flipboard you are able to create a “Magazine,” that you can invite collaborators to flip articles into the shared board(magazine).

Here are the essentials that you will need to build your own Flipboard! 



So what does it look like? Mark Knudens and Kelly Kurth have seen a huge impact with student learning by having them build their own textbooks?

Nutrition – Prove It! by Mark A Knudsen

Cell Division by Kelly Kurth

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