Photo Stream for Transparency and Feedback

Teachers in our ECLC classrooms have found photo sharing with Photo Stream an effective platform for transparency and feedback. Teachers set up individual student albums on Photo Stream and share a student’s album with their parents. Since an Apple device is not required to view the photos and videos, all parents are able to access their child’s albums to see photos and videos of their child at school. Once the albums are set up, teachers select meaningful photos and videos to add to each child’s album and can provide comments about what learning is being practiced or demonstrated. Sharing photos and videos with parents provide various opportunities for home-school communication.

  • Parents can use the images and videos for conversations with their child at home.
  • Parents can leave comments for the teacher about what is happening in the photo or video and can share related conversations & activity at home.
  • Parents can add their own photos and images to their child’s Photo Stream which can provide information for the teacher and make connections with the classroom.
  • Parents can share the Photo Stream album with other family members to provide insight into their child’s learning.

ECLC teachers are also using Photo Stream to share photos and videos with each other as resources and ideas for their classrooms and their Director of ECLC, Carlene Hamley, is using Photo Stream for feedback and dialogue with teachers about classroom practice. With its sharing and commenting options, Photo Stream has become powerful tool for communication among teachers, parents, students and administrators at SIS.


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