June 26

Writing as a community

So far in G9 English we have been reviewing literary devices and text types as we build our classroom community. One way we did this was through an activity called “Assembly Line Stories”. The students had fun practicing skills and sharing their writing.

Posted June 26, 2019 by Clayton Dowty in category Bayside Drama

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I was a third culture kid - born in Louisiana, raised in Malaysia, graduated from High School in Egypt and lived for 15 years in New York. I was an actress who made a living temping, waiting tables and babysitting for about a decade before moving to London to attend Drama School. Ironically, it was there that I realized I didn't want to be an actress any more and moved back to New York to become a teacher. I spent seven crazy years teaching in public schools in NYC before moving to beautiful Shekou! I'm excited to teach English and help establish an extracurricular drama program.

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