Grades 2-5

Over the past couple weeks, grades two through five have begun work concerning their opinions. Specifically, we have worked on the differences between facts and opinions, different ways we can express our opinions (including “In my opinion, and I prefer”).

Slide from a Opinion Lesson Grades 2-5

Grades 2-5 Sorting Through Opinions and Facts

Once we knew the differences between facts and opinions, we started to find different ways to express them. This was the first time we had several starters, and then some practice on whiteboards and in writing.

Grades 2-5 Expressing Their Opinions Using Different Sentence Starters

Finally, we are looking for ways to make better use of our views, including combing both facts and opinions. Different grades will see different endpoints as explores opinions, but will continue for the next few weeks. I promised to keep you posted in the next blog I post.

K-1 grades

Our two other grades worked on building vocabulary. For Kindergarten we were exploring “My Day” vocabulary. Many of the concepts were introduced using this video.

Both grades 1 and K were shown this video, but Kindergarten worked on it extensively. Including a great game of charades. Students were shown flashcards of other daily activities and asked for their peers. This resulted in some hilarious fun.

Kindergarten Playing “My Day” Charades

Meanwhile, Grade 1 started to learn “Setting the Table” vocabulary. This includes such a fork, flat, spoon, knife, and various other objects you would use during a meal. We combined this with the sight word “The,” and added our new vocabulary to our vocabulary notebooks.

Students Adding “Setting the Table” Vocabulary to Their Notebooks

More sight words, and vocabulary headed grade 1 in the next few weeks. As for Kindergarten we’ll continue to work on some basic vocabulary, but also really focus on on phonics to build literacy skills.

That’s it for this addition of K-5 ELL blog. Look for the next update in two weeks!

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