More Opinion Work, Sight Words, Phonics, and Halloween Vocabulary!

Another busy couple weeks for Grades K-5! Grades 2-5 continued their opinion work, adding reasons to support and strengthen their opinions, and then providing a conclusion to sum it all up. Students initially worked collaboratively to practice the organization of their opinion writing, but gradually made their way towards independent writing.  

Grades 3-5 Collaborating on Opinion Paragraphs

Grade 2 also continued their work on expressing their opinions. This week they also did some collaborative work, and started using sentence starters First, second, and finally to produce reasons.  

Grade 2 Students Sorting and Expressing Opinions About The Favorite Animals

Along with all this opinion work, it’s important to present students with independent reading time. This week, students of all grades cozied up in the classroom and spent a bit of time reading on their own. The flexible seating and iPads made the classroom an inviting space for students to read. 

G2 & 3 Students Reading in English

Grade 1 continued building their vocabulary by exploring sight words, and constructing their vocabulary notebooks. This week we focused on occupations in the community as we read “I can See.” Students vocabulary included: teacher, nurse, carpenter, pilot, plumber, doctor, police officer, and fire fighter.

Grade 1’s Read Aloud

Grade 1 also practiced their spelling and use of sight words with guided dictation this week. We explored sight words that had S, but where the S made a /z/ sound.

Grade 1 Sight Word Dictation


Grade 1 Sight Words

Finally kindergarten continued the long journey of phonic exploration, but also picked up some Halloween vocabulary. We focused primarily on different costumes, but also explored common phrases and decorations associated with Halloween.

Kindergarten Getting Into Some Halloween Vocabulary!

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