April 15

Earth Day

On April 21- April 25 we will be having Earth Week.

Monday: Motivation Monday

Tuesday: Real Earth Day (wear blue or green)

Wedensday: No uneeded electricity & clean up/throw your trash away (each grade level per day)

Thursday: Reusable Conatiner

Friday: Stinky Friday (dnot take a shower)

April 8

Warning! STUCO At Work!

On April 8, 2014 STUCO was REALLY busy! Lots of the fourth and fifth graders were under pressure because they had a big concert also they had a lot of ¬†work ahead in STUCO. They had to change the dates for Disco Day and also Earth Week, while listening to Pharrel William’s Happy they were able to complete the tasks. Here is a pic collage of them at work.

April 17 is Disco Day!

Earth Week is April 21- April 25