May 16

STUCO End of Year Reflection

It was a busy year for STUCO! After electing a new executive council, we were busy for the rest of the year deciding Spirit Days, fundraising for Heifer International, putting together a Bike Safety campaign, helping out with Book Week, organizing a Book Swap, and coming up with various ideas for Earth Week!

STUCO members also talked about their roles as school leaders with the second grade classes as part of their Social Studies unit on “Roles and Responsibilities”.

Mr. Kurth also came to give a talk about the possibility of organizing Meatless Mondays at the Gecko Grill in the future.

As the year comes to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on the fun that we’ve had and the lessons we’ve learned. It is also a bittersweet time of year since we are saying goodbye to fellow STUCO members.

Isaac, Xochi, and Mr. Callahan are all leaving SIS for other adventures. Isaac will be in Hong Kong, Xochi will go to Japan, and Mr. Callahan and his family are leaving for Doha! Lily and Betty will be staying at SIS but they will be in sixth grade next year!

Goodbye to STUCO 2016-2017! We wish everyone well in their future endeavors!


STUCO Executive Council (missing Danielle)