March 17

Book Swap

On March 8,9, and 10 we were collecting books for the book swap.

On March 13 we had the real book swap. The kids who gave us book would get to pick books that they wont depending on how many books they gave.

The total number of books we got for the book swap was 531 books. There were 70 students who turned in books and 275 books were taken home!

STUCO got to see all the kids come in and look for new books.

With the rest of the books we did not give away, we gave them to Ms. Livingston to donate to the first grade and kindergarten for their book swap. Overall, it was fun and most kids got new books that were good quality because this year we received a lot of high quality books! Thank you to all for your help and support to make this event succesfull!

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February 2

Inside a STUCO Meeting: Making a Video

Have you ever wondered, “What goes on in a STUCO meeting?” Today, we take you on the inside of a STUCO meeting.

One of the roles of STUCO is to effectively communicate information to students, teachers and parents. We work hard together planning, revising our ideas and filming videos to help share information. Below are pictures of our upcoming video about SIS Heroes artwork. Keep an eye out for creative and informative video…coming soon!

SIS Heroes artwork up close

SIS Heroes artwork up close

Emily typing up a script for the video.

Emily typing up a script for the video.

Food and art...what could make Sacha happier?

Food and art…what could make Sacha happier?

Setting up the stop motion camera.

Setting up the stop motion camera.

February 2

STUCO: Global Citizen Role Models

During the last assembly, STUCO took the stage to showcase how they are role models of global citizens at SIS. They gathered examples from throughout the year, showcasing pictures and sharing upcoming events as well. Some of the examples they shared were putting together a book swap, working with Dr. Knudsen and Mrs. Madonna to help students feel included, and our upcoming work with Promised Land to help children with disabilities. Snip20160202_27

November 2

Book Swap a Success!

Thank you very much to all of the teachers, parents, and students who helped to make our Book Swap such a success! Students from Grades 2-5 were very generous in their donation of books, which gave visiting students a wide range to choose from. Remaining books have been donated to the library.


November 2

Yucai School Visitors

STUCO did an excellent job of welcoming visiting students from the local Yucai School. Students came to observe lessons that were being taught in SIS classrooms. In fourth grade, they were able to observe students during Writing Workshop!

STUCO Yucai Welcome

April 8

Warning! STUCO At Work!

On April 8, 2014 STUCO was REALLY busy! Lots of the fourth and fifth graders were under pressure because they had a big concert also they had a lot of  work ahead in STUCO. They had to change the dates for Disco Day and also Earth Week, while listening to Pharrel William’s Happy they were able to complete the tasks. Here is a pic collage of them at work.

April 17 is Disco Day!

Earth Week is April 21- April 25