January 16

Meet Lisa 5A!

Hi! I’m Lisa, 5A’s class representative! I am half Italian half Chinese, and I am 11 years old. I love being a part of STUCO and creating fun spirit days for SIS!
In my free time, I like to play with my best friend Kennedy because we live in the same building! Also, my favorite sports are skiing, fencing, swimming, and gymnastics. I also play the piano. I have three sisters, and many cousins. I look forward to my last year here at SIS. Our STUCO council will make this a special year!

April 15

Earth Day

On April 21- April 25 we will be having Earth Week.

Monday: Motivation Monday

Tuesday: Real Earth Day (wear blue or green)

Wedensday: No uneeded electricity & clean up/throw your trash away (each grade level per day)

Thursday: Reusable Conatiner

Friday: Stinky Friday (dnot take a shower)

January 9

Our team

As you know we are STUCO. And you might be wondering who are the members of our team. So here they ar. Chloe: President, Hayden & Jason: Vice President, Sophia: Communications Officer, Shirley: Treasurer, Evan & Leo Historian. Here is a picture of us.