September 15

Historian – Jason Hugh

Hi, my name is Jason . I’ll be the STUCO historian for this year. The reason I wanted to be in STUCO because I wanted to make SIS a great place and I wanted to help people in SIS.
I was born in China but I’m not fluent in speaking Chinese. I knew I can be a good STUCO member because I was the leader of the ski team In Korea. This year my goal is to make Sure everyone have fun and try to make more activities. I also think learning think learning is important but for me having fun is the first thing. I like to play soccer as a fun sport, but guess what I don’t ride ski as a fun sport, play as a serious game. When I think about ski it reminds me of winning.
When I was 4 years old ski was a friendly and fun sport, but now it only remind me of winning.
I also like to sing solo songs. As you guys or girls saw me singing in talent show I am amazing(I am just joking). I probably don’t like anything because I don’t know what I don’t like. Now you will know JASON. If you forgot who I am read it again until you know me. Remember me JASON.


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