September 15


Hi! My name is Rachel, and I am STUCO president this year! Thank you for voting me for STUCO. I and STUCO members will try hard to make more of fun events, and get along with each other. This year, we will try to involve ECC more than last year. And trust me, we will have really great times! I wanted to be in STUCO because I wanted to donate money to poor areas or countries like Syria, or Iraq. And also, since I love dogs and other animals, I wanted to donate money for them. Just so you know, my hobbies are writing, playing soccer or rollerblading, and making slime. Well, you might say slime is not very good, but the texture of the slime is really good so…yeah. And basically, I play cops and robbers at recess, and you guys should try too! It’s exercising your body, and you can have more friends than you had before. I strongly think playing cops and robbers at recess is one way to make some new friends which we, STUCO is planning about. (Not making every one play cops and robbers, attracting other students to play more with another friends which they really don’t play with.) So control yourselves from excitement, (I know…I know…) and we will have fun in each spirit days! See you soon!

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