September 15

Secretary – Betty L.

End if Year Reflection
It’s reaching the end of the school year and the last couple STUCO meetings. I have to say that the year was a great success. Even though sometimes we have some little problems, those were nothing compared to the great accomplishments. This is what I learned. Not everything works out, but in the end, things are great. Maybe not in this millisecond, but yes in…who knows how many milliseconds later? Being the secretary, typing down all the great ideas is may great honor. The great ideas of the STUCO…if not recorded, then how will our history last? How will the activities be organized? Speaking of activities, the sprit days and weeks were just great. I loved how many people contributed due to the work of our class reps. If I had to change one thing, I would make the Earth Week door decorating a competition, except with everyone getting prizes, some bigger, like “Most Creative”, and some smaller, like “Most like the book cover”. Just come up with a prize for each door so they will still try their best to win, but not whine (especially little kids) because they didn’t win. I liked the door decorations a lot, though. Our class had wrote “Poison” on the “trash box” to prevent the workers from throwing it away.
I hope next year’s STUCO will be as successful as we are, having the great achievements. Go, STUCO!

Start of the Year

Hi! My name is Betty and I am the secretary of elementary STUCO. I am a eleven year old fifth grader and I wanted to be in STUCO because I want to help SIS be a really good school and I think I have some good ideas. I keep track of what happens in STUCO and some other things that all STUCO members do. We make SIS a better place by making sprit days, donations, and other things.

  In the meantime, I like to play with my little sister, little brother, my mom, and my dad. They are all really great fun. I think that helps me develop my communication not just with my own age people, but also with younger and older people. My favorite sport is archery, which I just started this summer. I play a Chinese instrument called Guzhen. I have two turtles called Quacentiny and Seashore and a tree called Little Banyan(translated from Chinese).

  I hope SIS is on its way to becoming the best school ever!


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