September 15

Vice President – Isaac L.

Hi! My name is Isaac and I am in STUCO as the Vice President. It is getting closer and closer to the end of the year! My biggest accomplishment in STUCO is probably the fundraiser for Heifer International. I loved seeing people care for the earth by bringing money to donate. The thing I enjoyed most was getting in to STUCO. I know it’s really weird but that is what I think. After I new that, I felt so happy and satisfied that I accomplished my job. Some things I learned in STUCO was knowing about other places that need a lot of help. I realized how lucky I was to get all the things that I needed. I think something that we could do better next year is add more spirit days like Disco Day or International Culture day because it felt like ages when the next spirit day started. But I still enjoyed those days. I really hope that STUCO next year will do a good job on spirit days, donations, and speeches. Not that we didn’t do good, but I think we could still make it better. I am really looking forward for my next school’s student council. I hope it will be as good as STUCO thus year.

Hi! I am Isaac and I’m part of the executive Council! Some of my hobbies are throwing cards and practicing magic tricks. I wanted to be in stuco because I love giving donations for charities. I also wanted to fundraise for countries like Syria. Some of the best things about stuco is getting to organize lots of different things like spirit days. I hope I’m in executive council in middle school!

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Isaac 5C?

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