Chris- 3D design and Printing

Chris, has been interested in 3D printing for a while. He has been interested in starting to try to design toys and thought that he might be able to use 3D printing to help teach English¬†to the kids at the… Continue Reading →

Alex– Creating music with Launchpad

Alex has been learning about music production and has been using an app called Launchpad as his place that he is practicing. He has been working on building the structure of his songs by practicing with Launchpad. Alex has not… Continue Reading →

Learning Chinese

Ryan was initially interested in learning a new language. He looked at Spanish but found it really challenging to start learning Spanish without a tutor. He’s lived in China now for 11 years and when he goes around in China… Continue Reading →

Fashion Design

Awani¬†and Nayoon are learning about the drawing aspect of fashion design. They want to learn about how sketches of fashion design and how to showcase what they think is interesting and what they want to see made. They are most… Continue Reading →

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