Raise Art Contest 2019: Hello: 2035, Hello, My School

SIS was invited to send some pieces to the Raise art show. The details of the show are in a link at the bottom. The following 5 pieces have been selected from Upper Primary. Congratulations to all who participated and those who were selected.

By Helene Jaegersberg, Marta Karlsson and Isabella Cordes, Grade 5
By Suho Shin, Grade 4
By Jueun Lee, Grade 4
Marlee Madonna, Grade 4
By Eunsol Kim, Jaemin Park, Bianca Kim, Mungeon Cho and Sally Kim, Grade 5


Grade 4 layered resists.

Grade 4 students painted monochromatic color schemes on mat board that had been designed with masking tape. When dry they took off the tape and drizzled soap on top. They then layered on spray paint. Using a hose they washed off all the soap to reveal the designs.