ASA Choir- Singing Geckos!

It’s finally choir time! If you are in grades 3, 4 or 5 and love to sing, join the ASA Choir! Please read the description carefully, and understand that choir does NOT have an ASA bus. Rehearsal will last until 4:30 so we can fully prepare for all of the amazing music that we will sing!


Elementary Choir  The Singing Geckos
Teacher’s Name Kimberly Sheppard
ASA Name

Elementary Choir- The “Singing Geckos”

Description Students will learn and sing choral music in up to three parts, and perform this music at a concert at the end of trimester three. Students have a change to perform authentic choir music in an fun and energetic setting. Students should be ready to sing and move!
Day Mondays until 4:30. No ASA bus!
Grades 3-5
Max # of Students 40
Location Music Room
Fees None
Notes Music will be provided to the students at the first rehearsal. There will be a concert on Thursday, June 7 in Parkside’s Gecko Theater.


Choir will meet until 4:30. This means that there is no ASA bus. Students must have another way home, other than an ASA bus.

Students can NOT take an ASA bus

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