AMPED 2019 Grade 1 students get involved… In the AMPED project for 1st Graders- they had the option of learning more about mosaic artwork and how to create pixelated designs. Students used small cut plastic pieces called tessera to create their chosen images. They were also able to follow along with the progress on the school tile mosaic project to commemorate SIS’s 30th Anniversary year.

In the Classroom ( GR1-AMPED days) and out on the PLAYGROUND they discover they can make pictures using flowers as the pixels!




































Final AMPED Fair event in the SPAH









30th Anniversary School Mural Project Link Here






In first grade students will be deepening their understanding of the Elements and Principles of art and design and complexity to their prior knowledge.

1st Unit of Study: Line~  (for students works see the Grade 1 post on home page)

We looked to nature to find line patterns in order to notice the organic nature of lines. We also recognize how repeating lines can create a pattern. A concept very well established through their mathematical studies in the classroom. Next we incorporated a strong use of diagonal lines to create a sense of movement in our pieces and to mimic the nature of feathers and wings of birds. We also saw an example of repeating lines creating a sense of movement in Marcel Duchamp’s famous work of art, “Nude Descending a Staircase”. For 1st grade we called it  a woman descending to keep it simple.



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