The Arts Program

At SIS we teach the Visual arts and Music using the PYP frameworks and the arts standards (NCAS)

The National Core Arts Standards: [See below]

PK1 -2    KG & FBP    2019-2020 School Year

The Creative & Performing Arts Program is designed to offer Early Primary students a space to explore their own individual creativity as well as collaborate with fellow classmates. Students can learn visual arts techniques and uses for a variety of mediums as well as grow in their musicality through voice, rhythm and instrument explorations. We work closely with the homeroom teachers to integrate the creative arts learning with classroom explorations and offer more space and materials to enhance and supplement other curricular areas.

Art Curriculum Standards

Kindergarten Creative Arts Program standards
Creating Generate and conceptualize creative ideas and work
Organize and develop creative ideas and work
Refine and complete creative work
Presenting Select, analyze and interpret creative work for presentation
Develop and refine creative techniques and work for presentation
Convey meaning through the presentation of creative work
Responding Perceive and analyze creative work
Interpret intent and meaning in creative work
Apply criteria to evaluate work
Connecting -Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make creative work
                                -Relate creative ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context                                to deepen understanding
EP PK1-2 Creative Arts Program
Exploration Manipulates materials with purpose and curiosity
Creative Play Experiments with movement and creative expression in response to creative prompts

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