Grade K

Kindergarten 2019-2020 School Year

The Creative & Performing Arts Program is designed to offer Early Primary students a space to explore their own individual creativity as well as collaborate with fellow classmates. Students can learn visual arts techniques and uses for a variety of mediums as well as grow in their musicality through voice, rhythm and instrument explorations. We work closely with the homeroom teachers to integrate the creative arts learning with classroom explorations and offer more space and materials to enhance and supplement other curricular areas.


FBP KG & 1st

Archive 2018-2019

In grade Kindergarten we make art fun as well as educational. Even young students can look at great works of art from masters to contemporary artists, for inspiration. Kinder students are adding visual vocabulary and strengthen their understanding of the elements of Art and beginning to apply more art principles to their work.

Our first Art element is a study of Lines. We examined Piet Mondrian for his use of straight lines (vertical & horizontal) and his primary color choices (red, blue &  yellow). “Broadway Boogie Woogie” is a fun piece of art with a secret kindergarten students enjoy- it’s an abstract “bird’s eye view” of a city. Please enjoy the clips and photos below for a better understanding of these lessons.

Second we explored Wassily Kandinsky and his abstract paintings using more variation of line. Here the Kinders used Chinese ink and brushes to create a piece using: diagonals, wavy, curved, broken lines, zig-zag lines and some spiraling lines. The next step was to use Kandinsky’s model and add colors (this time including secondary colors like orange, greens and purples).

Part 1 of line Unit: Mondrian and straight lines, vertical and horizontal.

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Part 2 of the Line Unit: Wassily Kandinsky:



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