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Hello! My name is Camille Lill and I am a K-12  Art teacher with a BA degree in Fine Arts; Illustration & Graphic Design from Western Washington University, as well as a minor in Art History. I was a classroom teacher as well and having taught Kindergarten here at SIS 3 previous years and now will be teaching art.

I am substituting for Mrs. Hobbs in the Art room. I will cover the beginning lessons of our art curriculum for K-5, until our own Mrs. Hobbs will return from her maternity leave (Congratulations on a baby girl!). Please visit this site for information on the program and to see your young artists at work.

I also will be teaching after school activities known as ASA’s at SIS. Please sign up if you’re looking for more artful experiences!

Trimester 1: online registration form:

K-5 Photography ASA  and 3-5 Art Class ASA

To Open next trimester…

Trimester 2:

k-1 Art classes,    2-3 Art classes,    4-5 Art classes

Trimester 3:

k-1 Art classes,      2-3 Art classes,   4-5 Art classes

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