A Peek at the Week Ahead: January 22-26

Important Dates: 

Wednesday, January 24th: Student Innovation Team (SIT) Shares at Seesaw Training 2:00-3:00 

Members of the SIT will share how we use Seesaw in our daily learning at the Seesaw Parent Training.

Thursday, January 25th: Learning Comes Alive 2:00-3:00

This week we will start our new Unit of Inquiry with the central idea, “Organisms adapt to their environment to sustain life.” Please join us as we inquire how life cycles are diverse.

Friday, January 26th: 1/2 Day for Students

Teachers will have a professional learning day in the afternoon

Thursday, February 1st: Parent Teacher Conferences 

An email to sign up for conferences will be sent out this coming Friday.

What We’re Learning…

Reading and Writing: Fairytales 

Students will learn common elements found in fairytales through exploring a variety of original and adapted fairytales. They will use their knowledge to create their own fractured and adapted fairytales.

Math: Module 5

Module 5 starts with students actively partitioning different models of wholes into equal parts (e.g., concrete models, fraction strips, and drawn pictorial area models on paper).  They identify and count equal parts as 1 half, 1 fourth, 1 third, 1 sixth, and 1 eighth in unit form before an introduction to the unit fraction 1/b (3.NF.1). Please see the attached newsletter for concepts and vocabulary that you can use to support your children at home.

Unit of Inquiry: Organisms Adapt to Their Environment to Sustain Life 

We will begin our new Unit of Inquiry, “Organisms adapt to their environment to sustain life.”  To start the unit off we will have a provocation and explore our different lines of inquiry. Students will also deepen their understanding of key vocabulary for the unit. Then we will dive into life cycles and  inquire how life cycles are diverse. Below are a list of important vocabulary terms for this unit. Please translate them into your home language to support your child’s understanding of the vocabulary.

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