Digital Portfolio: Seesaw

Why digital portfolio?

Digital portfolio leverages communication between children, parent, and teachers to create a transparent and collaborative learning environment. Also, digital portfolio tracks and demonstrates students growth over longer periods of time. While paper portfolios get stored or discarded at the end of a term or school year, digital portfolios can remain available and easily accessible to students, parents, and educators.

PreK-1 has started digital portfolio using Seesaw. Seesaw allows teachers to timely share learning happening in the classroom or how a child is developing a skill, concept, knowledge, and disposition. Seesaw is friendly and easy to use. Towards the end of the year, PreK-1 students will be encouraged to documenting their learning by posting it on the blogs. Parents are encouraged to comment and ask questions once they subscribe to their child’s Seesaw account through Seesaw Family. Click here to learn more about Seesaw.

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PreK-1 is looking forward to future collaboration between school and home, because collaboration is the key to students’ success.

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