Some details to think about when setting up your countries Winter Bazaar booth:

Each country will arrange their own chafing dishes. The WB committee can help if needed.

Do you need more than one table?

Wall or Board – would you like a white board or wall to decorate?

Do you need an electrical outlet? More than one?

Do you need a A4 or A5 stand to display your menu (see below)

Please plan to sell at least 200 servings. You are welcome to serve much more and as many different kinds of food as your country would like. Most countries will run out of food.

Please provide your own bowls, plates, cups,napkins, spoons, and/or forks as needed for what you are serving. You may be reimbursed for these items if it is a hardship for you. Keep the receipts and you will be able to turn them in the week after the bazaar.

The official time for food is 12:00-3:00. If you run out of food before 3:00 no problem. You are welcome to start setting up from 10:00.

The selling price is 5 RMB per ticket. Food should be priced 1-2 tickets. The pricing and size of the food serving is up to you.

It would be great if you could post a menu of the food items you have including their ticket price. We can provide a A4 or A5 stand if you need one.

Please provide a container to contain the tickets you receive. We have not kept track of the number of tickets each country has sold in the past. Some people have shown interest in knowing. If you would like to count your tickets and let us know your number we would be happy to announce the top sellers in the Wednesday Weekly. If you don’t care to count no problem!


We are planning to have a Winter Bazaar meeting after school reopens.  We will inform the date & venue  by next week.  Meanwhile please co-ordinate with your respective country people doing the food tables and get back to us on the above numbers.

Jayshree ( or Jeanetta (

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