Winter Bazaar Update

Dear volunteers,

The Winter Bazaar is on 10th Dec ,Saturday.  The timings are from 12 noon to 4pm.Generally the food counters close before 4pm. The vendor sale goes till 5 pm.

If you need chafing dishes you will need to find them on your own.  If you are unable to do so please contact us and we will see if we are able to help.

PSA aprons will be available for sale, at cost, on the day of the bazaar for all volunteers.  The price is 25 RMB.  Someone will bring them around during the set-up time.

You may be reimbursed for all paper goods (such as plates, bowls, napkins, forks and spoons). Please keep receipts and turn them in December 12th from 2:45-3:30 in front of the Mountainside library. Please purchase the required disposables by yourselves.

If you have only a few people helping and it becomes a burden to make 200 servings you my be reimbursed for up to half of the cost of your food.  Please keep your receipts and turn them in December 12th from 2:45-3:30 in front of the Mountainside library.

Should you choose to donate the cost of your paper goods you should know that all the funds raised from this event will be given the SIS Community Outreach Committee.  The money will be used for some of the projects done on the Week without Walls and the Thalissemia Fun Day.  There will be a presentation at the bazaar with more information on these projects.

The tables will be set up Friday evening.  You may start decorating 10:00 Saturday morning.  The ticket table will open at 12:00, please be ready by then.  The food section will end at 3:00.  If you run out of food before 3:00 please feel free to clean up sooner.

You will want to charge 1 or 2 tickets per each serving. We have plastic stands for A4 and A5 papers.  If you would like to use one for your menu please let us know.

For those who have still not given information about the nos of tables, plug points and background board, kindly do so at your earliest.

Please pass on these information to your other country representatives also.


Warm regards,

Jeanetta & Jayshree

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