January Coffee Morning

PSA Coffee Morning
Tuesday 26 January 2016 8.30am-10.00am
Level 5- Parkside
Education has seen a rapid change in international schools over the past 5 years, with a shift to using devices to augment student activities both in and out of the classroom.  While it is undisputed that these technologies increase the connectedness and extend learning beyond the classroom walls, it can leave also parents somewhat lost as to where to find information about what and how their child is actually learning.  This talk will focus on two major topics: 
1.) How SIS uses technology to support innovative teaching practices that will help prepare all students for the challenges they will face in their future professions, and, 
2.) The systems currently in place for parent communication and how this will change in the future to better support the parent community.
Mark McElroy, Director of Learning Innovation will be sharing with us the schools vision for the present and future.
Don’t miss this very important talk on how technology is shaping the class room.
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