April Coffee Morning

Middle School Humanities, go left at the top of the escalator, 3rd door on the left.
THURSDAY 14 APRIL at 13.30
We will be having 2 distinguished speakers. Principal Dale Cox will speak about school related matters and Rosana Walch will speak about her exciting project with refugees:
There was a tremendous amount of interest shown by parents, in the article about Rosana Walsh’s HATS on HEADS service project for the refugee children in Jordan. Through social media connections, students from as far away as Tennessee in the States and as close as Shanghai, have shown interest in this service to those in real need. Rosana has been invited to speak at the next parent coffee meeting, at Bayside. She will be joined by the High School’s Service Learning Coordinator Liz Cho. Liz will explain how service plays an important role for senior students, as they complete applications for college. Korean and Chinese translations of this presentation will be available.

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