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The Parent Support Association for Shekou International School (SIS) has been around as long as SIS has been in Shekou.  We are a non-profit organization with volunteer parents filling the roles of executive, committee organizers and school representatives.  In our 20 plus years, we haven’t always been a large and formally organized group but since our inception we have always been a source of information about the school, and a way for concerned and actively involved parents to channel their energy.  Together we organize many events including Winter Bazaar, Teacher Appreciation, Sports Day, New Parent Socials, and Popcorn Fridays.  We also organize several committees that partner with the school to organize sporting events, town hall information meetings, new parent orientations and tours and school dances.  We sell school logo merchandise and use these funds and others raised from events to support charities and student activities.

Because we are a non-profit organization our merchandise and functions are not run with the goal of generating funds.  We provide parent and school approved events with the desire to raise school spirit and promote community involvement.

Who are the members of the PSA?

Every parent who has a child attending SIS is a member of the PSA.  We encourage active involvement in the PSA and accept nominations for executive and representative roles from all parents.  Like SIS we operate on an open door policy, our monthly / bimonthly meetings are open to all interested parents. Contact us for the date of our next meeting if you would like to attend.


Meet the Board

Executive Board

The executive consists of President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary positions.  The role of the executive is to direct the daily, weekly and monthly activities of the PSA.  These volunteer roles are held by the following incumbents:

Former President: Maya Metsuba

President: Poppy Tedja

Vice President: Verena Reisdorf

Secretary: Brenda Bosch

Treasurer: Jessie Kim

Grade Division Representatives

Our school representatives have children in the school level they represent.  They interface directly with the director of the school on a regular basis in order to communicate parental concerns and to work with the school to offer PSA support.

ECC: Nora Molnar, Elly, Valentina

Elementary School: Barni Sharma, Lu Xu, Vanessa Brown

Middle School:  Tracy Zhong, Diana Moberg, Mercy, Maya Metsuba

High School:  Lynn Levy, Maureen Kao, Harmony Mueller


Country Representatives

Country Representatives represent their nation’s regional concerns and issues on the PSA Board.  Typically, communication from SIS is in English which may present challenges to parents from other nations.  Our Country Reps have volunteered so as to help their fellow countryman more clearly understand what goes on at PSA and SIS.

Korea: Julie Kim, Jisook Lee, Yunhee Shin

Japan: Reika Lida, Kaoru

China: Lu Xu

Germany:  Manuela Riehl, Verena Reisdorf

France: Gaelle, Isabelle Prunet, Phoebe Marzec

Standing Committee 

Our Committee Heads take on the Event Planner role for a specific event.  Their responsibility is to pull in PSA and school resources as needed. They also typically require a lot of manpower to pull off the event on the day.  So please volunteer for one of their events!

Merchandise: Xiao You, Rose

Sourcing/Purchasing: Tracy Zhong

Popcorn: Reika Lida, Deby Suwito, Lina Lee

Library: Lisa Li, Jessie Tay

Go Geckos: Maureen Kao

Graphic Design: Valeria

Internal Events: Tracy Zhong, Ivy


Event Coordinators:

Winter Bazaar: Verena Reisdorf

Movie Night: Wang Ni (Nini), Cheng Lu

Teacher Appreciation: Bani Sharma

Book Sale: Nora Molnar, Diana Moberg, Vanessa Brown, Maya Metsuba

Talent Show: Brenda Bosch, Maya Metsuba, Nora Molnar


PSA Media:

Website: Manuela Riehl

WeChat: Poppy Tedja

Twitter: Maya Metsuba

Facebook: Bani Sharma


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