March 22

Learning in 3B


We have started our new unity of inquiry with the central idea being: COMMUNITIES support each other in TIMES of NEED. The question we will grapple with is: how are things connected? There are patterns in nature that are predictable and we will explore these. Students will be collecting daily data in their notebooks (weather) and noticing the patterns. This week will also entail more hands on activities as students are asked to plan their own experiment. Thank you for your support at home. Some questions you can ask to generate conversation: what is a community? What are patterns in nature? What city did you choose to collect weather data on? What natural disaster are you researching? What have you learned? 


This week we will conclude our unit on fractions.  Students will review how to compare fractions and place them on a number line while labeling equivalent fractions. On Thursday and Friday, students will take two different types of assessment to demonstrate their understanding; a traditional test and an authentic task.  The authentic task will require students to piece together all the strategies and math content they learned this unit together to solve a problem they could face in their lives.


Readers this week are learning to ask “Why?” and “Why not?” when researching. This will enable them to find more information and to research deeper into a topic. For example, if a text states, “By May, chicks that are well nourished by their parents weigh about 26 pounds. But by September, those chicks that have survived weigh only around 13 pounds.” then students should be asking “Why? Why are their weights so different?” Etc.


Students meet with their research groups and they decided on how to publish their learning. The choices were book creator, flap book, and handwritten nonfiction book. They will share out their learned information. To end the week, we will write a script to perform in front of the green screen. Should be fun and they are learning a lot! Focus is to write information in their own words after learning/reading.

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